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Magic gardens is a small company dedicated to the design, creation, maintenance and decoration of gardens in the province of Barcelona.

Our purpose is to create cozy and beautiful spaces, and that these provide the client with different sensations based on their needs, creating places of contemplation, relaxation, meditation, energetization, social, etc. Among the elements that make us different as a company, we work different aspects:
The design based on the color theory , which plays with different tonalities to intencify different sensations based on the emotional load that produces each color.
Different management of the space according to its dimensions, working horizontally, vertically and / or with hanging elements. We also include in this point the mini gardens that due to their small dimensions can be located in very small spaces like balconies and terraces as they are movable.
Use of decorative elements to provide a magic touch, preferably handcrafted products, to encourage the growth of artisans in the area, promoting the development of local commerce.
Our concern for the environment encourages us to look for alternatives of plants and products that are as environmentally friendly as possible and the creation of green spaces of low consumption and consequently low maintenance

Desing with color!

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