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Faces with living plants.

These are living pictures with a unique personality and this will be decided by you with the plants you choose and your care. It can also influence the time of year, the direction and manner of growth of each plant, varying the shape and colors. This will make the painting express different emotions.

Magic gardens' living paintings are made with images printed mostly by the painter Leo Altamirano. The image is printed with digital quality on plastic canvas so that it does not suffer damage with watering.
The structure is a wooden base that has spaces for small pots that you can easily remove to water, change place or plant.
The measurements are approximate, and may vary depending on the growth of the plant.
Paintings with live plants only have delivery in Barcelona.


"Thelma" 21 x 28cm.
Price 36€

"Thelma" 22 x 30cm.
Price 36€

Faces with preserved and / or dried plants.

If you want to have a defined personality and that does not require great care, the perfect option is to choose preserved and / or dried plants, so that it does not require irrigation and you can locate it in places that do not have natural light.
The paintings with preserved and / or dried plants have a wooden base with a depth of approximately 1 to 6cm.
The image is printed with digital quality on canvas or photo quality papers.

"Thelma" 24 x 31cm.
Price 38€

"Thelma" 23 x 30cm.
Price 38€

"Thelma" 29 x 29cm.
Price 38€

"Neyla" 48 x 56cm.
Price 68€



Here are some pictures, you can choose the one that best suits your needs or tastes. We also make structures on request in the measures you want.
Do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can create the ideal structures for your space.

27 x 27cm.
Price 33€

51,5 x 34,5cm.
Price 58€

29 x 21,5cm.
Price 15€

32,5 x 24,5cm.
Price 36€

19,5 x 15cm.
Price 16€

Choose the picture that best suits your needs and where you want to place it. Please read our Terms and conditionsbefore making any purchase.

All prices shown here include VAT. The shipping costs vary according to the weight and size of each item. You can also pick up your items at any of our facilities and you will be reimbursed for shipping costs at the time of delivery. Please contact us with any questions.