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Pet houses

Among our more exclusive products, we have cat or dogs houses that you can have inside or outside your home, they give a magic touch to your home or garden, and the house will become your pet's favorite place. The houses are made to order to fit the specific measures of the place where you want to locate it, as well as the colors you want.
Contact us to budget your home for your pet!

Houses for sale!

The houses for sale are made of wood and hand painted by the artist Leo Altamirano. Remember that we also make houses with the measures and colors that go according to your home. See the houses below as a guide for prices.
Special orders require at least 15 days in advance, the time required to make the pet houses is between 40 and 60 hours.
The shipping costs in Europe are included in the price of the small houses, The pet houses only include the cost of shipping in Barcelona and surroundings and are only sold in Catalonia
Please read our Terms and conditionsbefore making any purchase.

pet hotel

Price 499€

wood house with orchids

Price 485€

casas de gatitos

Price 485€

casa nautic

Price 485€


Precio 485€


Price 485€

Price 68€

small house

Price 68€


Price 79€

casita rosa

Price 68€


Price 118€

Price 65€

casita morada

Price 68€

casa azul

Price 68€

casita naranja

Price 68€

casita alicia

Price 68€

Small houses.

We have small houses made with different materials for sale or that can also be built using materials from your own garden to give a more rustic touch. Some of them have a double function, because they can also be inhabited by small birds in the area where you live.