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  • €40.00 - €70.00

Participate in one of our workshops: kokedamas, vertical gardens, etc.


Participate in one of our workshops and take your creation home. It includes all the necessary materials.

- LIVE DECORATION: In this workshop you will learn step by step how to create your own decoration with live plants.

- DRY & PRESERVED PLANTS DECORATION: In this workshop we will explain how to create your own box with dried and preserved plants.

- KOKEDAMAS WORKSHOP: Come and learn to create your own kokedama. We will help you in all the steps to follow. 

- PLANTS FASCINATORS WORKSHOP: In this workshop we will teach you how to create your own headdress, from the base to different tricks for plant placement. We give you the possibility of using artificial, dried and preserved plants. If you have any preference let us know in advance.


All workshops are reduced to a maximum of 10 participants.

Once your purchase is made, contact us at 931 934 408 to confirm your place on the date that suits you best. You can also do it by sending us an email to

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