At Magic Gardens we are dedicated to creative gardening, shaping any original idea. We offer you the possibility of giving an unconventional touch to your space (interior or exterior), using different types of natural elements, but especially plants.

Our services are aimed at both companies and individuals: your reception and office, your business waiting room, your living room, your garden or terrace, etc.

If you have a different idea or are open to proposing something new, contact us and we will make you a completely personalized proposal and budget. Let our creative professionals advise you to define the project that best suits your needs.



Our designs are fully adapted to the space and needs of our clients.

We take into account if you want a garden with more or less maintenance, the space you have, if it is indoors or outdoors, if the plants will have natural or artificial light and direct sun or shade, your corporate or preferred colors, the emotions and sensations that Do you want to wake up, if it is a punctual or long-term event, if there will be children or pets in the environment, etc.

Among our creations we carry out:

- Vertical garden with live plants.

- Vertical garden with dry and preserved plants.

- Vertical garden with artificial plants.

- Thematic garden.

- Photographic background with live / dry and preserved / artificial plants.

- Scenery and staging with plants.

  and much more.

If you want to get a rough idea of ​​the prices of our products, look at the "Murals" and "Vertical Gardens" area. For other products do not hesitate to contact us.


Plants allow us to be connected to nature and feel alive by surrounding ourselves with it.

Color imperceptibly affects us every day, it moves us, alerts us and leads us to feel certain emotions. Aware of this, we can manipulate the hues around us to create the perfect atmosphere for our needs.